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How it Works

We'll help you understand what's involved in becoming a beneficiary of the programme and guide you through the application and onboarding stages. The unique mix of accelerator services available means no two participant experiences will be exactly the same but there are some common activities which help structure the support you receive.

1. Eligibility Assessment

Eligibility to benefit from the programme is based on SME status and whether your project will deliver innovation in Liverpool City Region maritime industry.

3. Action Plan

Charting your innovation journey begins with a Phase One Action Plan defining the key impact drivers and choices that will grow value for your organisation and customers.

5. Wraparound Support

Regardless of the immediate and longer-term innovation support you receive, we'll also facilitate introductions to the wider industry and business support community.

2. Innovation Needs Analysis

Innovation doesn't live or thrive in a bubble. It relies on the interplay of capabilities and processes in your organisation, so we'll spend a little time with you understanding those.

4. Cohort Selection

Each participant will join a cohort of organisations needing similar help and expertise. Intensive assistance is available from one or multiple project partners.

6. Monitoring & Case Studies

Our goal is for the programme to support your business growth and that of the maritime sector more broadly. We'll want to check-in with you to see how things are going.

Meet some of the team


Ryder Jones, PCiH Project Lead
Wirral Council

Ryder is the Wirral Council Project Lead for Port City Innovation Hub, overseeing project delivery and bringing together project activity to ensure a seamless journey for participants.

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