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CMDC 3 Consortia Event - Liverpool

PCiH was delighted to attend the Regional Consortia Event in Liverpool for round 3 of the Clean Maritime Demonstration Competition last week. Building on the great success of the first and second rounds of CMDC, this even brought together industry stakeholders to update on the 3rd round and what support it will could provide:

With a wide range of potential funded research areas covering vessel efficiency and infrastructure projects, CMDC 3 is currently one of the best funding oppurtunities available for clean maritime. The aim of the competition is to fund real world demonstrations of clean maritime technologies, if you have a proposal that you want to develop, test and deploy (either on vessel or shoreside) then a potential bid for CMDC may be perfect for you.

There will be 2 strands to big for:

  • Strand 1 - Vessels OR infrastructure

  • Strand 2 - Vessels AND infrastrcuture combined

If you are unsure on which you would be bidding for you can get in touch with our team at PCiH and we can offer advice on this.

Check out the galleries below for presentations from the day including all the details along with some case studies:

Are you considering a bid for round 3 of CDMC? Are you looking for partners or other support with that? Our team at Port City innovation Hub would be delighted to hear from you about your project which could be a fit for other participants on the programme. Please get in touch today.

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