Make Liverpool’s Air-Quality Great Again – Sensing our Port City

University of Liverpool is working with Aeternum Innovations Limited in an exciting new project, which aims to quanity and understand air-pollutants, their mixing and transportation from the Liverpool ports into residential areas and the city regions.

As part of the project, the Project Team will investigate how localised coastal meteorological conditions can transport pollution and construction debris from large port-based infrastructure projects.

The Project Team will capture these data using Aeternum's state-of-the-art, internet of things, wireless particulate matter pollution sensors. These sensors capture minute resolution measurements and wirelessly transmit them to a single database. These data will complement the 20 Aeternum sensors already deployed in the Liverpool City Region by the University of Liverpool.

The project Team will focus specifically on particulate matter. Using samples collected from different areas of the city and laboratory analysis, the Project Team will use machine learning (ML)/artificial intelligence (AI) to connect measurements from the Aeternum sensors to different types of particulate signatures.

Find out more about Aeternum Innovations and this project at

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