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Mersey Tidal Power Programme enters Phase 3

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

For those interested in innovation in the LCR maritime industry or anyone looking to know why Merseyside should be where you invest and innovate there have been exciting developments on the Mersey Tidal Power program this month.

Since 2020, LCR Mayor Steve Rotheram has been pushing forward plans for one of the largest green energy projects in the history of the region. With a goal to become the “UK’s renewable energy coast”, there have now been steps made to appoint an expert technical advisor to the project in order to start realizing the conceptual designs that already exist. As an already leading area in solar, hydrogen, and wind energy, the LCR keeps going from strength to strength in its goal of tackling the climate emergency.

Having already completed its cost analysis and research on supply chains and funding models, as well as having developed a conceptual design, the project has arrived at the stage where it can be developed into a final proposal and begin to harness the power of our tides. This latest phase will focus on assessing the tidal range scheme within the Mersey River, construction risks, and spatial requirements. The project team is continually developing their understanding of the Mersey River’s marine environment and hopes to implement the designs with as little impact on the natural environment as possible when the time comes.

Projects such as this are part of the massive push in innovation to help the LCR achieve its net zero carbon vision by 2040 which would put it a decade ahead of national targets, and these developments can’t come quick enough with the current bite felt from surging energy prices across the world. Over 1 million homes are hoping to end up being powered by the Mersey Tidal Power Programme with green reliable energy for up to a century.

If you want to learn more about this project and its advantages for the region, you can do so by reading more here:

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