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Real Sphere Eco World Case Study

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

Each month we’re featuring a Port City innovation Hub participant delivering innovation into maritime industries. This month it’s the turn of Paul Griffiths, co-founder of Real Sphere Eco World, who has been receiving support from PCiH Innovation Adviser Lead, Ivo Kerkhof at Wirral Chamber of Commerce, to develop new market opportunities for their high-performance cleaning products.

RS Eco World products are redefining cost, performance, and sustainability expectations for the most important cleaning products used in maritime industries. The dangers to crew and passenger health of untreated or poorly treated water tanks and pipework has long been understood. ‘Shock’ treatments to counter threats such as legionella and biofilm microorganisms currently rely on the standard industry practice of super chlorination which introduces the significant environmental risk of escape and disruption to vessel operations. Even when qualified individuals apply, chlorine has been proven not to effectively remove or strip away embedded biofilms.

Occidere Biofilm Disrupter is RS Eco World’s game-changing product now taking the leisure marine industry by storm. The Biofilm Treatment coating provides long-lasting and cumulative protection preventing biofilm formation. The product will remain effective in all use cases as it contains no antibiotics and therefore poses no risk of microbial resistance. RS Eco World is already reaping the rewards of real-world tests justifying their confidence in the product.

This summer, independent live testing was performed for private yacht water treatment. Treatment was conducted with crew onboard and with minimal disruption. Laboratory verified results revealed a complete eradication of harmful contaminants.

“We couldn’t be more pleased with the results of the trials,” says Paul. “Word-of-mouth spreads quickly in shipyards and we’re now fulfilling new Occidere orders across Europe and further afield. There’s also interest in our products from other industries and research organisations, so this is just the start of the Real Sphere Eco World journey”.

RS Eco World was recognized last year at the Mersey Maritime Awards as winners of the Micro Business Award and we at Port City innovation Hub think it’s only a matter of time before they are making a global splash and winning further international recognition.

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