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Who Rainmaking Are

Who is Rainmaking?

Rainmaking is a global operator with deep experience working in the maritime startup and innovation ecosystem, with a proven approach in running highly successful programmes across the world to support the launch of new products/services. We are delighted to be delivering the “Maritime Innovation Sprints” programme as part of the Port City Innovation Hub.

For information about Rainmaking, go to

Weekly Workshops

Apply concepts and critical tools in hands on, dynamic and practical workshops.

Office Hours and Coaching

Access weekly expert-led coaching sessions, offering advice or guidance as your progress. 

Refine your knowledge through bite sized digital learning, covering essential concepts.

Weekly Digital Learning

24/7 Peer Community

Access a calendar of events. Connect and discuss your challenges with peers 

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How does the sprints programme work?

Our specialist sprints programme is designed to rapidly build new capability to deliver measurable business impact. 

We help to accelerate the process of bringing your product or service to the market with successful scale. The programme will help you build new and critical capabilities within your business.

Customer Discovery Sprint

You will come out of the customer discovery sprint having rapidly validated the problems your new product or service is solving.

  • Business Model Development

  • Customer Discovery

  • Pattern Recognition

  • Data Analysis and Insight

  • Market Attractiveness

  • Pitch Development

Prototype & Launch Sprint

This sprint is designed to allow you to secure early traction and revenue with customers to validate your business model, and develop a plan for growth.

  • Experiment Design

  • Landing Page Tests

  • User Journey Mapping

  • Rapid Prototyping

  • Generating Sales

  • Growth Marketing

  • Business Model Dynamics

  • Leadership & Team Development

  • Pricing & Financial Modelling

  • Roadmapping for Growth

  • Pitching for Investment

Hear from Arthur Zargaryan, CEO & Co-Founder of Parcel Tracker, as he talks about what he found most useful in his experience at the cohort.

Parcel Tracker made exceptional use of the available expertise, with opportunities to visit free ports and speak directly to domain experts.

You can find out more about their service here.

Hear from our participants

Damon Thomas, CEO & Co-Founder of SENSEi, shares his thoughts on what he found most valuable in being part of the Port City Innovation Hub Sprint Cohort 1.

"'With no previous exposure in the Maritime sector, the programme opened new doors, showing how the company’s technology can address some of the challenges in this sector.'"

You can find out more about their service here.

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About Neil Meekin

Neil is an innovation programme director at Rainmaking, and will be working with and supporting participants in the Innovation Sprint programme, ensuring they are applying the learning to their new idea and helping to prepare it for a successful launch. Neil brings with him deep innovation experience across multiple sectors and continents.

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